Rare NORFED 2004 $20 Silver Liberty 1-ounce .999 Round


Rare NORFED 2004 $20 Silver Liberty 1-ounce .999 Round

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OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY! The 1-ounce NORFED round you are viewing is from 2004. This is one of the coins struck under the “Liberty Dollar” NORFED organization founded by Bernard Von NotHaus. The cool thing about this kind of “alternative” currency is that – because it is backed by precious metals (silver) – it is pretty much inflation proof.

Fast forward to the spring of 2011. Von NotHaus was found guilty of “making coins that resembled US coins”. After this pronouncement a federal judge ruled that all of the Liberty Dollars seized by the government should be returned to their rightful owners. This is where you come in! Because NOW is your chance – your opportunity – to own quite a scarce piece which was minted in very limited quantities. This item is not easily obtainable as there are simply not that many in existence to fill the needs of collectors who desire to own such a collectable and rare example of American history.

Act now, because quantities are limited. When they are gone, that’s it! There is no guarantee that any more will ever become available. Remember the very cool 1999 NORFED coins we had? All that’s left is a memory! THEY ARE COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!!! THERE ARE NO MORE!! Don’t miss out on these 2004 coins! This 2004 issued coin is a very tough item to obtain because of low mintage and increased demand. This token will be an heirloom that can be passed on for generations and a teaching tool for the young ones! This 2004 NORFED round will never lose it’s value because it is pure silver! It is stamped 1-ounce .999 silver right above the difficult to obtain 2004 date. Your NORFED $20 1-ounce round is an investment that you can show others and enjoy while it grows in value! This round comes encapsulated to help keep it as fresh as the day it was minted!

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