First Responder 1/60 Gram Pure .999 Fine 24k Gold 3mm x 6mm – TEN-PACK


First Responder 1/60 Gram Pure .999 Fine 24k Gold 3mm x 6mm – TEN-PACK

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In these troubled times who among us can say we don’t love and appreciate our first responders? Our military people who protect us, our police who keep our streets safe (no easy task), and our medical professionals who keep us alive – all wonderful men and women who put themselves in harms way so we can sleep at night, and wake up safe and comfortable!

What better way to SHOW the first responder OR responders in your life that they are appreciated? This first responder GOLD is the perfect way to show the doctor, the nurse, the ambulance driver, the medical professional, the police officer, or the fire volunteer that they are appreciated!!

Every card is sealed and contains ¼ grain 24k pure gold. No phony or plated or mixed metals here. Folks, this is Pure Gold – which shows sentiment straight from your heart and speaks volumes about gratitude for their work and sacrifices for others.

NOW is the time to pick up some first responder gold, and a 10 pack will allow you to share it with more of those who give so much to ensure our well being! The gold not only shows that you care about them, but it is something that will only increase in value and can be passed on to future generations in remembrance of those who gave so much of themselves for others.

Weight62 g
Dimensions6 × 0.125 × 4 mm


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