Preppers Ten-pack 1/4 Grain Pure 24K Gold Bullion Bars – 3mm x 6mm – Irish Pot’O’Gold Design


Preppers Ten-pack 1/4 Grain Pure 24K Gold Bullion Bars Irish Pot’O’Gold

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How about a TEN-PACK?? Save money and get yourself a ten-pack! Here’s the perfect gift for St. Patty’s day (or any day mind you)! These bars are sure to make your lads and lassies – and even your non-Irish friends – smile down at DINTY MOORE’S for a wee bit of corned beef are ya?!

Here we have ten lovely bars of carded gold with a pot of gold design! These are 1/4 grain (NOT GRAM) bars of pure 24 carat gold – not alloyed, not mixed metal, not plated – but pure .999 GOLD!

This ten pack of barter bars will definitely come in handy when times become hard (AND THEY MOST ASSUREDLY WILL) and normal funds are really not readily available. Gold and silver have always been MONEY! These lovely bars are individually STRUCK one at a time, packaged with a holographic seal, and encased in a tamper resistant plastic numbered card which guarantees you are receiving the real deal.

Weight62 g
Dimensions6 × 0.125 × 4 mm


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