1/60 Gram 10 Pack .999 Pure Fine 24k Gold Christmas Bar – Winter Moonlight 3mm X 6mm


1/60 Gram 10 Pack .999 Pure Fine 24k Gold Christmas Bar Winter Moonlight with Santa

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Have a lot of friends and family? Want to be handing out the coolest, most unique Christmas Cards? Want to hand out the Christmas card that they will never throw away? If so, then the Christmas 10-pack is for you. Each card comes laminated with a very cool “Christmas under moonlight” design. Each card features a holographic seal guaranteeing a pure .999 24k gold bullion bar. This particular card comes with a 1/4 grain approximately 3mm X 6mm in size or if you prefer ¼ inch by a 1/8 inch. What a swell, unique, distinctive card that says you like to show your love of Jesus in a special way that won’t be forgotten!

What better a way to say “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” than to give a beautiful bar of lovely, practical Benchmark gold. This is a gift of excellence that will rise above all others to show that you care – a truly distinctive gift that is not only collectible but valuable as well! Maybe you are an uncle or aunt, or grandmother or grandfather who wants show their love on an occasion where we celebrate our Lord and Savior’s birthday. Or for that special person or persons in your life – that may not even be a relative – to let them know just how much you recognize the importance and significance of the day Jesus was born demonstrating GOD’S love for us! Real 24K pure .999 fine gold!

Weight62 g
Dimensions6 × 0.125 × 4 mm


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