“Congrats!” – 1/2 Gram Pure 24 Carat Gold Bullion Bars


“Congrats!” – 1/2 Gram Pure 24 Carat Gold Bullion Bars

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What better a way to say “CONGRATULATIONS!!” on that new car, new job, great test score, overcoming a big challenge, or the arrival of a new baby than to give a beautiful bar of lovely Benchmark gold? This is a gift of excellence that will rise above all others to show that you care – a truly distinctive gift that is not only collectable but valuable as well! Perhaps you are an uncle or aunt or grandmother or grandfather who wants express their love on the grand occasion of a wedding? Maybe there is a special person in your life that isn’t even related for who you want to recognize an achievement? Demonstrate how you feel with a lovely shiny, freshly struck bar of tasteful real 24K pure .999 fine gold!

Weight62 g
Dimensions6 × 0.125 × 4 mm


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