U.S. Marine Corps Combo Pack – Gold 1/60 Gram & Gold 1/15 Gram Pure .999 Fine 24k Bars


U.S. Marine Corps Combo Pack – Gold 1/60 Gram & Gold 1/15 Gram Pure .999 Fine 24k Bars

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A combo-pack to honor your favorite United States Marine Corps gentleman or lady. This will also function as an object lesson concerning gold ownership as well! Makes an IDEAL stocking stuffer!

The smaller bar is 1/4 grain pure gold measuring 3mm X 6mm, or if you prefer decimal, approximately 125in X .250in, OR if you prefer fractional, approximately 1/8 inch by 1/4 inch.

The larger bar is 1 grain pure gold measuring 6mm X 12mm or if you prefer decimal, approximately 250 X .500, OR if you prefer fractional, approximately 1/4 inch by 1/2 inch.

They are NOT plated, clad or mixed metals. Nothing but pure GOLD!! Please see all pictures.

We wanted to go along with a PAIR format so more folks can have SOME OF EACH. Benchmark feels that the bars the mint produces should be as attractively packaged as possible while providing the wise gold buying public with as nice as possible looking bar for their stack, hoard, survival collection, gift etc.

This COMBINATION of sizes has a great deal of potential as folks have been asking “why don’t you have a combination pack??” Now you can own some of each! This pack still can be used for for trading/bartering when times get tough (and they will) to purchase/obtain much needed goods for yourself, family, loved ones when necessary items are not easy to come by such as food, medical items, and other survival goods essential to you and your family’s survival!

Remember this: gold has never NOT been worth something. Bearing this in mind, it’s something every serious and responsible person should seek to own! Even your so called investment experts all seem to agree that a portion of your savings or investment resources should be in precious metals. This is the very reason Benchmark tries to offer the largest variety of size and weight fractional bars to assist people in their preparation for the inevitable future.

Bars of gold will make a great practical gift for the collector and stacker/prepper alike. Fractional size bars are perfect for trading or bartering in the future when large bars will be very difficult to break up/divide into smaller pieces for trade or barter.

Gold bars this size are conveniently accepted 1/15 gram and the 1/60th gram will be instrumental in helping you when times become tough and crucial items scarce. It could mean the difference between eating and going hungry. Between providing for your family or dithering in your own ineffectiveness. Prepare now, survive later!

Weight62 g
Dimensions6 × 0.125 × 4 mm


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