Wedding Card – 1/60 Gram Pure .999 Fine 24k Gold 3mm X 6mm – TEN PACK


Wedding Card – 1/60 Gram Pure .999 Fine 24k Gold 3mm X 6mm – TEN PACK

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Planning an upcoming wedding? Why not give lovely and practical Benchmark Gold cards as a favor, wedding party gift, or a gift to the bride and groom? This will be a distinctive keepsake that folks will never lose and always remember. It also makes a great gift to include inside a wedding card as well. Now available in the very popular money saving 10 pack size!

The perfect remembrance for the perfect day to outshine any other regular card! It contains a 24k pure gold 999 fine bar on a cert card and sealed with a numbered holographic seal. Minted by Benchmark – one of the finest, most well-known, and easily recognizable fractional mints in the country!

If you want to be distinctive in your gifts, and stand out above regular cards, Benchmark GOLD is a great way to demonstrate your love for others on this very important day.

Benchmark mints a ¼ grain size bar for those who are trying to stay inside a budget. Get unique gold cards without breaking the bank, but still obtain the prestige of GOLD ownership as well. The ¼ grain bar measures approx. 3mm X 6mm or if you prefer decimal  .125 X .250 or if you prefer fractional then ¼ inch by 1/8 inch.  Please see all the pictures as they are part of the description and provide a clear depiction of the size of the bar. Please be aware that this is NOT a gold flake (gold flakes are usually fake and NEVER hallmarked.) You are getting real gold and it’s actually minted and in the shape of a bar.

Weight62 g
Dimensions6 × 0.125 × 4 mm


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