WOW! Super Prepper Pack – 1/30 Gram Pure .999 Fine 24k Gold – 50 PACK


WOW! Super Prepper Pack – 1/30 Gram Pure .999 Fine 24k Gold – 50 PACK

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Up for your approval is a lovely group of 50 x 1/2-grain (NOT GRAM) bars of pure 24 carat gold. These bars are not alloyed, not mixed metal, and not plated – ONLY PURE .999. AMERICAN MADE GOLD! This FIFTY PACK of barter bars will definitely come in handy when times become hard (AND THEY MOST ASSUREDLY WILL), and normal funds are really not readily available. Gold and silver have always been MONEY! These lovely bars are individually struck one at a time, packaged with a holographic seal, and encased in a plastic numbered card which is tamper resistant – which guarantees you are receiving the real deal.

We began making a smaller bar because we saw a need for a more affordable size/denomination – something which can easily be accumulated on even the most modest of budgets. This size allows regular folks to slowly build their pile of security a bar at a time! The smaller size 1/2-grain bar was very popular, so the next step is offer it in bulk so even more money can be saved while accumulating your wealth. Lets hope things never come to where you’re forced to use your gold to obtain life’s necessities BUT this way at least you’re prepared! You’re are prepared to help your family and loved ones, instead of dithering in your own ineffectiveness and inability to assist in times of uncertainty! Anyway, Prepare today, Survive tomorrow! Always, Always, Always insist on PHYSICAL DELIVERY!!

Weight62 g
Dimensions6 × 0.125 × 4 mm


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